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One Nation News pledges to be economic force for black community
by ONN Staff

One Nation News’ pledge for 2017 is to put money in your pocket.

This is our 16th year as a media company. We began One Nation News in the summer of 2002 with the events of 9/11 still a fresh, horrific scar on our lives. We were an America divided by race, religion, wealth and a 2000 election many considered stolen. The terrorists behind the 9/11 attacks couldn’t have planned a more vulnerable time in which to hit America.

Our intent was to create a One Nation News for every “minority” group – Asian, Hispanic, Native American, females of all colors and black. Each of those publications would be ‘One Nation.’ We envisioned a diverse, vibrant management structure and audience – different languages, different issues, different opinions -- all under one roof.

But, the needs of Minnesota’s black community were so pressing and so insistent that our focus and resources were spent addressing them.

Sixteen years and more than a million dollars later by our perspective, many black Minnesotans still find this state too cold a place to achieve their dreams. Housing, jobs, incarceration rates, education, health care – name a quality-of-life issue and black Minnesotans are still on the wrong side of the average, even compared to other communities of color.

Don’t you ever wonder why you are forced to borrow money from people who obviously hate you? It seems certain people and organizations derive joy from snatching your dreams of home- or business ownership and watching you walk dejectedly away.

How many of you have never even tried to borrow money from a bank because you’ve seen how black people are treated and – mainly – rejected?

Isn’t it odd that you only feel welcomed into the financial arms of these organizations when they have “subprime” items to sell you, items more likely to bankrupt you or take you decades longer to pay off because of the high interest rates?

It’s the 21st century. We have the power, here in the Twin Cities, but also across the nation, to stick up our collective middle finger at their arbitrary rules. We can finance our own dreams and be beholden to our own community.

So, what have we in the black media been doing? More specifically, what has the One Nation News media group done to improve those realities?

Given the circumstances, we feel it’s safe to say, ‘Not enough.’

And, that answer is unacceptable. We understand there are forces and systems designed to block the success of our community and we are but one organization pushing back against them. Still, there is much to be said for pushing back harder.

That is what we at One Nation News intends to do. We pledge to be an economic force for the black community and resolve to knock down barriers to our financial equality.

Specifically, we pledge to do two things:

1. For every dollar invested in our company, we will generate $10 for our black community
2. We will offer proof of #1 above

Throughout 2017 and beyond, we will be rolling out new services and products designed to put dollars in your pocket – not in studies of your behavior; not in tax incentives for companies from outside the community.

In. Your. Pocket.

In early spring, our first campaign will be a pay-to-play black history quiz contest that pays significant amounts of money to those who know their black history.

In summer, we will roll out “Versus” – a crowdfunding contest that benefits our local organizations.

The name of One Nation News’ parent company is Black Heart. We love black people. We always will. So, when something isn’t working for the ones you love, you change your strategy. We will change the script in Minnesota. Our message is one of active, creative economic empowerment, but it can’t start without you. So,

· Sign up for our jobheart eblast or buy a One Nation News newspaper subscription
· Volunteer for one of our causes
· Suggest ways to keep our 10:1 pledge
· Share our progress on your social networks and comment often

We need your input and we promise we will endeavor to make it to your economic advantage.



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